PrimeTime Fraud Hotline

Communiqué for the PrimeTime Fraud Hotline

One of the most wide-spread tools used by corporations in an attempt to facilitate whistleblowing are confidential Fraud Hotlines. A number of fraud surveys conducted in various countries over the years have indicated the value of anonymous reporting mechanisms as a means for detecting unethical behaviour in the workplace.

In light of this fact, PrimeTime provides stakeholders with a number of confidential mediums to report any form of unethical practice, including sexual harassment and racial discrimination, in an anonymous and secure manner.

The KPMG FairCall call centre is located at an undisclosed location and reports can be made anonymously in any of the 11 official South African languages. French, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese are supported 24/7/365. Dutch, German and Portuguese are supported during core business hours (CAT).

To contact KPMG FairCall, please follow the steps as set out below:

  • 1. Dial the applicable number for your country:
    •   - Botswana: +27 12 543 5473
    •   - Zambia: +27 567 8376
    •   - South Africa: 0800 333 006

  • 2. The call centre is manned on a 24-hour basis. Employees who are afraid to be overheard using telephones in the office may call from home after-hours.

  • 3. You may remain anonymous. Provide full detail in respect of the fraudulent, corrupt or unethical practice to the call operator. Such details may include:
    •   - Who is involved or doing what?
    •   - What has happened?
    •   - How is it done and how often is it done?
    •   - Where is it done – exact location or place?
    •   - When was the incident observed, dates and times
    •   - Value involved – estimated monetary value?

  • 4. You will be given a reference number. Keep this confidential as you will need this number if you make a follow up call (call at a later date to add additional information to the original report) or to request feedback on the original call.

Blow the whistle on fraud

Alternative reporting avenues:

  • 1. Hotline reports may be e-mailed to
    Please contact the call centre for a reference number which must appear on the report.

  • 2. Hotline reports may be submitted via the web by accessing the following URL or QR Code:

  • 3. KPMG Hotpost at BNT 371 P.O BOX 14671 Sinoville 0129 (in South Africa)

  • 4. KPMG Hotpost at P.O BOX 14671 Sinoville 0129 (outside South Africa)

  • 5. KPMG Hotfax number 0800 200 796 (in South Africa)

  • 6. KPMG Hotfax number +27 12 543 1247 (outside South Africa)

Please contact the call centre for a reference number which must appear on the report

Whistleblower hotline QR Code